My Story

Im a busy hairstylist and mother to a teenage boy. Food use to be my life and comfort.selfie 8.jpg But now I’m learning to listen to my body.

I cant lie it’s been my life long struggle to keep my weight consistent, I’m either up on the scale or down. I have tried different diets over the years, as well as, working out. This time was different for me. I decided I was going to finally find something that could help me in all kinds of ways. I wanted to CHANGE my LIFE! So for now I’ve decided to give up the scale and grabbed the tape measure for this next journey of my life.




My original background was in health care. Since I was young I wanted to be a doctor, so it was fitting for me to get into health care right out of school. I didn’t become interested in nutrition till years later. I went on my life as a normal young person eating the way many people do. By the time I had my son I had gained 60lbs, and I thought no big deal. But when the weight wouldn’t come off as easy as I thought I knew I was in for some trouble. I worked out but didn’t really see much difference as I ate as I pleased consuming HUGE amounts of sugar and carbs.


When I was young into my adulthood I was diagnosed with stage 4  salivary gland cancer. It was one of the hardest things I ever heard and from that moment on I thought my life would never be the same. By this time I had a young toddler and was going to school full-time. I was about to get my first home. I was not going to let a 6 letter WORD kill me! I had made my mind up to fight………..

I had 2 surgeries and the maximum amount of radiation allowed.

But that was the very FIRST moment I started to think about the food that I consumed. Now I know keto is recommended for cancer patients now but 10 years ago it wasn’t really talked about. I remember my doctor talking to me about not eating processed foods and staying away from sugary drinks. My diet while receiving treatment was soup, ice cream, and tea. So when I was able to eat again I tried to keep an eye on what I consumed. But I cant lie the pressures of being young and eating what you want is hard. No to mention the convenience of McDonalds when you have a screaming 3 year old. But all jokes aside even with my past health conditions I let my control on what I eat slip right out from under me. And the older I got food became my emotional best friend. I mean a twinkie never hurt anyone, did it? haha

I am not in remission and have thankfully been cancer free for more than 5 years

About 2 years ago was my first introduction to low carb/keto. The first time I heard someone say they don’t eat bread I think I almost past out! They told me all about being able to eat cheese but no dairy, eating piles of bacon and keto waffles. I felt like it was a foreign language being spoken. Because How the Heck can bacon and cheese and butter be healthy for you. (as I ate my cant believe its not butter)


The beginning of 2017 one of my really good friends told me she lost a bunch of weight after one of her kids eating keto and wanted to try again. Now remind you I was around 250 lbs and I was ready to lose the weight. But giving up bread uhhhhh this was going to be hard. So all weekend I researched as much as I could (Pinterest addict). And come Monday we did it! The beginning was hard I wont lie and the flu part stunk. But once I started eating this new way I started to notice differences, HUGE differences. I felt better, I had energy, I was clear headed, I wasn’t bloated, and I lost 50lbs! I was shocked. How could eating everything they tell you not to make you feel better? How can eating low to no sugar completely reverse health problems and help fight CANCER! How could we NOT need carbs to live? This completely changed my mind about how American and most countries eat. And no this is not for everyone and its not my mission to change your mind. I also am not perfect but I just want to show you my results…….


I wanted to tell you guys about my son who is doing a Low Carb diet. My son is about to turn 12 and he is an amazing and active boy. He is growing up quickly. A few years ago we got some news about him we had been waiting a long time for. My son struggles with neurological disorders, ADHD, OCD, sensory processing, Tourette, and anxiety. Since he was young we have tired to manage his symptoms with his diet. Most recently we have moved to a 120g a day carb limit and it has had amazing results for him! He is even excited to be doing it, especially with mom. If you guys would like to see some kid post let me know in the comments

Below I posted so picture of my progress I have gained a little of this weight back but if you head over to my facebook group I post what I eat daily and has the most current information. So make sure to go over and follow my story.



My photo

In 3 months 38lbs

Start Weight 245


Current Weight 208

Goal Weight 150