Sugar Free Fluff

Now I know there is ALOT of different views on sugar free products in the keto/low carb world. So why? Right well it all breaks down to sweeteners. Some people use them, some people don’t, some people love them and some people hate them. Some use suclose and some avoid malthine. So it all breaks down to who you talk to and your own personal views you get from doing your own research. Which is one of the most important things in the lifestyle.

I was huge Splenda person for a long time and actually though my 50lb loss I used Splenda. I recently have cut back on the sweetener I use because I want to not have sweet cravings. I went from 5-6 sweeteners in my coffee to 3 stevia. I also use a stevia in replace of my Splenda. This was a huge transition for me, not because the taste because the stevia I buy doesn’t have a big difference but it was the sweetness level. Those who use Splenda or another sweetener know their sweetness. So I slowly switched over actually mixing them at first. I worked nicely and I am now down to 2-3 stevia depending on my sweet tooth. When I bake I usually use Splenda it is easier because I have a huge bulk bag of it and I know the measurements perfectly.

I guess all in all, I’m just trying to say there are different ways to be keto and you have to find your own. I imagine clean keto is more the route of organic, no sweeteners, ect.

I do consume some SF items and this is one of my favorite. Everyone loves easy and everyone loves when it taste good. I make this every so often to keep in the fridge. I love that you can make different flavors and you can add things in it to change it up. I was really sad that cream cheese was expensive this week because I usually buy 4 at a time. Last night I only bought one.

What’s expensive by you guys right now???? Go over to my Facebook Group and let me know!!!!!


Sugar Free Fluff

sf fluff


8 oz of whipped cream (homemade with hwc or store bought)

4 oz cream cheese softened

1 small package SF jello (your choice in flavor)

**optional flavoring of choice you can use an extract and sweetener/stevia


  1. Beat cream cheese till soft and blend in whipped cream. Becareful not to over mix or it will become flat.
  2. Once they are beaten together add in jello or flavoring.
  3. Place in container in fridge for a week

Nutrition Facts
Servings: 4
Amount per serving

Calories 266
Total Fat 27.4g
Saturated Fat 17.2g
Cholesterol 94mg
Sodium 118mg
Total Carbohydrate 2.4g
Dietary Fiber 0g
Total Sugars 0.1g
Protein 3.6g


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