Omelet in a Bag

I have been dying to find a simple way to make omelets at home. I love the way they taste from a restaurant and I am on of those people that could not do this at home! I say a post somewhere talking about boiling eggs in a bag and I could not believe it was that easy! Sunday is our big breakfast day we make everything from bacon and eggs to French toast and pancakes and then we eat it as a family. Its one of those traditions I love to keep going. So I saw this as the perfect way to try out my new recipe. I cant even tell you how easy this is!  So I’m going to  post a video on my Facebook page   just to show you


So here’s the best thing about this recipe you can throw whatever you like into it. From veggies to meats you could make it everyday with something else.


Omelet in a Bag 

omlete in a bag


This is completely up to you what you add but for a one serving omelet I would use a minimum of 3 eggs and half a cup other things. Ill tell you what I put in mine!

3 eggs

1 tsp heavy whipping cream

1 tsp butter

2 pieces of turkey lunchmeat

a sprinkle of cheddar cheese

a pinch of salt, pepper, and garlic powder


Place in size according bag for 1 serving a quart size bag is plenty.

  1. Mix eggs and fillings in a bowl and add seasoning. Fill a pot with water and heat till boiling.
  2. Place egg mix in a Ziploc bag according to serving size and use a bigger bag if needed, you need room at the top. Squeeze out air and close omlete in a bag 3
  3. Place entire bag in boiling water for 10- 20 minutes. My eggs took almost 20 minutes. after a few minutes you can turn pot down to a slower boil.
  4. After cooked completely let rest for a few minutes, it will be HOT!
  5. Once cooled cut off top of bag and slide out. Serve hot!



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