Jalapeno Cheese Chips

I make some kind of keto chips each week and normally I make my Low Carb Tortilla Chips but I was getting tired of the same thing again and again. This was quite easy to come up with because I love cheese and I love spicy food. These were so easy to make and everyone in my house likes them. They have just the right amount of kick. These are perfect for summer so I’m happy I found them now.


Keto Jalapeno Cheese Chips

jalapeno chips3


8 T parmesan cheese grated

2 slices of cheese (pepper jack)

1-2 jalapenos sliced

pinch of paprika, onion powder, garlic powder, and salt


  1. Bake sliced jalapenos at 425 degrees for 5 minutes or until dried.jalapeno chips
  2. Make piles of parmesan cheese and top with 1/4 slice of cheese. Place jalapenos on top and bake for about 7 minutes. Or until golden brown. jalapeno chips2

4 crisps is 1.5gs of carbs


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