SNACKS (my savior)

My mother always called me a grazer. She says I would never eat a large meal and I was always eating on the go. Well honestly not much has changed, even my son is a grazer and Ive learned to adapt his diet around this. So for me the most important thing is to have easy accessible food at all times. I stash protein bars and jerky in my purse and car because you never know when hunger will strike. I have a list of my go to snacks with easy recipes to come………


  • Deviled eggs
  • Hard boiled eggs
  • low carb peanut butter
  • celery ( Ive learned to love over time)
  • cheese shredded and sticks (so many purposes)
  • Bars from aldis 3 carbs

keto snacks 4.jpg

  • Beef sticks (from aldis)

keto snacks 1.jpg

  • SF jello

keto snacks 3.jpg

  • shakes and protein bars

keto snacks.jpg

  • small portions of berries
  • lunchmeat and cheese
  • cream cheese salami rolls
  • Low carb tortilla chips and dip

Tortilla chips.jpg

  • low carb yogurt
  • salads

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