Keto Taco Rollups

Personally I need to have snacks handy at all times!!! My fridge at work and home is always packed with quick things to eat. Ill have a post about my snacks soon I wanted to make sure I had pictures of everything first. Well this is one of those easy make ahead snacks. Its quick and easy to store. I do prep days about every 3rd day so things don’t get nasty or gone unnoticed in the fridge. I also have a storage system in there to help keep everything in order. At work I make sure to have things I can eat cold and with ease, I am always so busy at the salon I am lucky to sneak away and drink water. As a result I have been doing IF (intermediate fasting) and surprisingly I can go from 8 or 9 pm till about 4 pm the next day. Sometimes I break it at 12 pm. If you guys would like a post on IF please make sure to write me and let me know!!! Now that I have gotten off track I guess its time to give you the recipe….



Lc taco roll ups 2


4 oz cream cheese

1/2 C shredded cheddar

1/2 C of salsa

1/2 a red pepper diced

Half a pkg of taco seasoning GF



garlic powder

Low Carb tortillas ( I use these)

lc tortilla


  1. Blend all together until blended. Spread on tortillas and roll tightly.

Makes about 3 tortilla rolls

4 carbs per 3 slices



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