Fat Head Rolls and Flat Bread

Well by now I am sure you guys have seen my complete love with fat head dough! And of course heres another one of those recipes. But my most favorite thing about this diet is how I can take a few main ingredients and turn those into multiple amazing meals! I mean really my grocery list stays the same and I try to keep it extremely simple. This is just another version of a fan fav. Today is Monday and my main meal prep day. I haven’t had this dough in about 2 weeks and I am not craving pizza, so I came up with a plan to make the dough and store. I knew we were having beef sandwiches tonight for dinner and I could use one roll for that, the other roll I’ll use the other one for a sandwich this week. Now that flatbread I made!!! Yum Ive been dying for a subway flatbread or a good capri flatbread so this week Ill make something of those sorts. I wont add a recipe as it is tagged above and all I added was salt, garlic powder, Italian seasoning, and pepper. Make sure to grease paper. Enjoy!!!!!!


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