Sugar Free Brownies

So we had a girl leaving our salon and I knew if I didn’t volunteer to make the dessert I was going to be extremely temped. Because guys, brownies are my super weakness! So I searched everywhere to find a good recipe, and my problem was I had to make this tasty for a group of people. I had read tons of post and look at all kinds of recipes. I finally got fed up and went to my local store, I had remembered that there were Sugar Free brownies by Pillsbury. So off to the store I went. I wont lie I wasn’t extremely happy with the carb count on these but Hey at least it was as high as the normal. I believe 1 brownie is 9 carbs. But all the info is on the box and you can adjust to your lifestyle.

Anyway I bought the brownies and hurried home. It called for water, oil, and egg. I sub coconut oil because we like it better. I made them as the box directed and then I chopped up half of a chocolate mint Quest bars quest-bar.jpg

and sprinkled over half the brownies. I baked them as directed on box.

THESE were a HUGE hit!!! Seriously I had everyone convinced they could diet now. haha.

Just another way to take an everyday recipe into something Keto friendly


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