What I Eat in a Day

When I first started this WOL (way of life) I  ate multiple times a day and needed to snack to stay alive. As time went on I didn’t need to eat as often. I also have a very busy life during the day. I have never been a breakfast person unless it involved pastries or cereals. Honestly now the only breakfast items I eat are extremely limited. My lunches are usually light because I hate getting that bloated an tired feeling (itis- food coma). And dinner is my indulge time, I can usually eat an entire steak, a large chicken breast, or 2 hamburgers. This works for me, and remember I am going on to my 4th month pretty strict LC. I always say this because I NEVER want to see ANYONE get discouraged or feel less of themselves. I cannot stress enough everyone is different and everyone needs different things. All the things I follow have been from many trials and errors. I too even have a friend that has lost more than me in a shorter time but I don’t even look at it as I’m doing as good.  I am also a creature of habit and I like to keep somethings pretty consistent. Now lets get to the reason you even clicked here today!


Daily Routine


  • I wake up around 6 Am I make sure to drink water when I wake up
    and I try to make it between 6-12 oz if not more
  • I make my coffee about an hour later  which is either regular coffee( HWC and sweetener)  or Bullet Proof Coffee
  • I make my son breakfast usually he gets fruit waffle and bacon/sausage So I may eat some bacon or sausage but only 2 maybe 3 days a week
  • While cooking I pack lunches and we leave

My Work Bag

  • I always bring or have
  • 2 bottles of water
  • quest bars

Lunch After 12 PM

  • Nut mix
  • Protein shake
  • Triple zero yogurt
  • Dinner leftovers

Snack Around 4PM

  • Nut mix
  • Low carb bar (in my snack post)
  • Meat stick and cheese stick
  • Low carb tortilla and salsa


  • One of my recipes on Here
  • I usually stick with a big side of vegetables and meat
  • Keeping it simple is the easiest way to stay on track


  • Atkins snack/treat
  • Berries and whipped cream
  • Halo top Ice cream
  • Whipped cream and Sugar Free jello


These are just the things I am in the habit of eating and I don’t always follow this plan.

I also do intermediate fasting 18/6 From 8 pm- 12pm noon, this has been the best way for me to do this lifestyle since I am so busy. When I have a crazy week I do 20/4 so 9pm- 4pm. I think this also helps when I seem to stall. Ive had a few run ins with SF candy and there is nothing good about them, let me tell ya! If you have any questions or comments please feel free to Share!






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