The Beginning

I have always struggled with my weight and felt like no matter what I tried it was always tempted was never really taught how to take care of my body. Not that I blame my parents because honestly I don’t believe they knew themselves. I have heard of all the fade diets and even tried a few here and there. I was never really upset by weight but I was always wanting a change. When I lived in LA for a year I lost a bunch of weight but I was extremely active walking 10 to 20 miles a day. I mean it was so easy to be outdoors there. But when I moved back to the Midwest the weight all came back. I tried weight watches and had some success but it was becoming expensive and I thought I had lost enough to know what eat without the help and an app. Well I was wrong and the pounds came back on probably faster then they left! So I had swear off all diets and just ate what I wanted. Then in about 2015 I went for a walk with my boys and could barely make it a block without breaking out in a horrible sweat and my body was in so much pain. I was so embarrassed and hurt, I never even knew I was getting to this point. I was so upset I began walking everyday and finally got up to running. I was finally able to run 3 miles for fun, I hadn’t lost to much weight but I was feeling better. I started playing ball with the boys in the yard and finally enjoyed being active. So after summer ended and our cold winters came back I slowly stopped running. When this year rolled around I knew something was going to be different. I have had some digestion issues that I was really putting off because I knew it had to do with certain foods, foods I did not want to give up. Because like many of you I could not imagine my life without breads, grains, and carbs. I was addicted to donuts, pastries, bread, nann, just anything sweet and carby. It took me about 6 months to convince myself this is something I really wanted to do. So March of 2017 I began changing my life style. And let me tell you when I first started to look at labels and ingredients I was SHOCKED, even bossman was!! I was so overwhelmed and confused I had no idea how I was going to start this, I mean literally everything I put in my body is bad for me. Plus I was taught my whole life fat is bad and now Im doing a High fats diet. (fun fact: I use to never eat pork and almost always ate chicken) So I knew I had to do some research and believe me google was my best friend. I knew I had to be informed as possible to stay on track. I also learned to keep it SIMPLE!!! And yes you are going to feel very limited at first, after 2 months it becomes pretty natural. I also listen to my body, this is by far the most important thing make sure you know YOUR limits. I have complied a list of basic items to keep at hand. I will be making a post about my shopping list and the items I keep on hand.

  • Eggs
  • cheese
  • bacon
  • meat (chicken and beef)
  • pork rinds
  • peanut butter
  • cream cheese
  • whipped cream
  • heavy whipping cream
  • sweetener of choice ( I use equal or Splenda)
  • Nuts ( almonds, peanuts, cashews)

That was it the basics of this diet. The first week I felt so limitless and I even broke down and ate a yogurt because I couldn’t go with out one. The first week I woke up hungry at night, had leg cramps and the headaches. I craved all the things I couldn’t have and almonds became my salvation. I learn magnesium and potassium were to blame for the cramps, pickle juice, powerade, and broth were my savoir. I started talking a multivitamin to help. I wont lie to you and say it was easy, although my focus defiantly helped. It was hard, there were nights I had to go to bed early or go on a walk. But one thing I didn’t do was give up. Even with a slip up keep going…. I’m here for you fighting this battle and there is tons of support. Until next time remember its a WOL (way of life)


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